About Perry

I'm passionate about Jesus because he found me at my worst, he embraced me, he said, "I love you and follow me."  It's this extravagant love of Jesus that renews me every day, compels me to share it and to be part of bringing his love to the nations.

It's my heart to fuel your love for Jesus and your passion to make Him known especially where his good news hasn't yet been heard. 

To that end check out the music God's given me (think Matt Maher meets Matt Redman meets Brandon Heath).  Get the music here.

Listen to Interviews that share the beauty of the gospel and the amazing things Jesus is doing in the Muslim world. 

Hear amazing short stories of God working in the Muslim world through my radio feature Cast Yourself In

I'm part of the mission community Frontiers USA.  We're inviting Muslims the world over to follow Jesus.  Explore how you might be part of what God is doing through Frontiers. 

And if you like, get encouragement from the morning show I co-host at Moody Radio Grand Rapids, MI from 6 - 9 a weekdays EDT. 

I'd love to connect with you through my e letter here.  Or shoot me an e mail at perry@perrylahaie.com.

Hear the Music

On The Road

Songs, Stories, Nations Worship Gathering

Straights Evangelical Free Church, 324 1st Street, St, Ignace

Perry will be leading worship, sharing his grace and nations focused songs, telling some amazing stories of how God is working in the Muslim world, sharing what still needs to happen to reach the Muslim world and encouraging people like you to join God in what he’s doing among Muslims!