Lost and Forgotten<br />
<span style="font-size: smaller">cp perry lahaie for missio christus music<br />
</span><br />
Messiah You are the river, flowing to the nations of earth<br />
Your current rushes with mercy, giving the lifeless new birth<br />
<br />
Take all I am, sweep me away in your plan<br />
<br />
Lost and forgotten in this river of grace<br />
Lost and forgotten, living my life for your fame<br />
Joining you in all you do till every nation gives praise<br />
Till I am lost and forgotten in this river of grace<br />
<br />
I feel your Spirit move through me<br />
I am your feet and your hands <br />
But I will not take the glory<br />
These works were planned in advance<br />
<br />
I am free I don't have to be seen<br />
<br />
Lost and forgotten&hellip;<br />
<br />
Immersed in Jesus my Lord<br />
This is my life, my reward! My reward<br />
<br />
Lost and forgotten<br />
<br />