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Don't Be Afraid 

As you may know, Muslims all across the world are having dreams and visions of Jesus.  And this:  More Muslims have come to know Jesus in the last 20 years than in the previous 1400.  But why (!) at this time in history?  

You're hearing my conversation with Ruth Kramer of Mission Network with a perspective that may not have occurred to you:  It's certainly about God's love for the Muslim world but it's also, I think, a message to you and me as Jesus followers.

Jesus Doesn't Need Super Heros! 

Super heroes are the fascination of the day.  The reflect our world view that evil can only be destroyed by power.  They also point to our longing for some kind of Messiah.  But our Messiah defeats evil through weakness.

Surprising Grace 

Grace is amazing.  But it's also surprising.  It's surprising because we get, well, what surprises us.  We think the hammer is coming down and instead we get an embrace. 

This is my story and it's yours.  We've been surprised by grace.  And the impact of surprising grace is this:  It HAS to be shared.  With our neighbors, with the nations.  Surprising grace is our fuel for the Great Commission.  Grace is the fuel for life.

I offer you my interview with Sam Williamson, author of "Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids?"  It's not a book bashing Sunday School.  It's a book about surprising grace.  It's a book about not only starting with the gospel, but living everyday in the gospel so that we can live and move and have our being in Him.

The ISIS Crisis 

Maybe as you hear about what's happening in the Middle East with ISIS, it causes you to fear or maybe even to wonder:  "Jesus where are you in the chaos?"

Jesus is in the midst of the chaos and He is bringing Muslims to Himself because of ISIS.

Listen to my interview below with Tom Doyle, author of Killing Christians:  Living The Faith Where It's Not Safe To Believe.

Also after the interview feel free to download the next track, my song The End Will Come.


At Any Cost 

In 2001, Gracia and Martin Burnham, Christian workers in the Far East were kidnapped by Muslim Extremists and were kept on the run with their kidnappers for 14 months in the jungles of the Philippines.  At the end of the 14 months, in a firefight, Martin was killed and Gracia escaped.  Hear this story of one couple's willingness to go to the nations at any cost.

Blood of the Martyrs 

Recently I caught up with Jake who along with his team were used by God to plant the very first church among a Muslim people group in Middle East.  This church continues to grow amidst the most excruciating persecution as they confirm the prophetic words of early church father,Tertullian, "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.".

Hear my gripping conversation with Jake by starting the site player below.  Feel free to download and share and/or use for broadcast/streaming.

The track after this interview is the remix of Unqualified!

Unqualifed Remix ! 

Would love for you to hear the remix of "Unqualified," from my current album, Ahead!  Press start below.

God has helped us give it new life with a sparkling remix by legendary engineer Sean Moffitt, whose credits include mixes for Chris Tomlin ("Burning Lights"), Natalie Grant ("Hurricane"), Mandisa (Grammy-winning song "Overcomer"), Phil Wickham's (This is Amazing Grace), Steven Curtis Chapman ("The Glorious Unfolding") and a host of other top Christian artists and bands.

I can identify with feeling unqualified. I believe many of Jesus' followers can identify. And the fact is, on my own, I am unqualified; we all are.

But if we hold back in fear because of this great lie of the enemy, then he succeeds in keeping us from bringing the Kingdom into this broken world. Through the poured out life of Jesus, He has qualified us to know Him and to bring His good news to the nations!

Collision with Grace 

I don't know if I've ever shared my faith story with you.  It has shaped everything I am and everything I do. 

There is no other reason I'm at where I'm at right now, and doing what I'm doing right now, than the reality of my collision with grace.  And I'm sure you can say the same.

If you have six and a half minutes to spare feel free to listen and feel free to share it with especially those you know who have yet to believe in Jesus.

And if you want, I'd love to hear about your collision.

The Insanity of Obedience 

As you may know the cost of taking the gospel to the most difficult places in the world is VERY high. Many believers around the world are facing the worst kind of opposition for their faith. Many are losing their lives.

When you and I hear about our persecuted brothers and sisters we tend to have five typical responses:  We pray the persecution will stop, we pray that the persecuted will be rescued, we desire that the persecutors be punished, we believe that democracy and civil rights are the answer and finally we believe we need to send money so the persecuted will be rescued.

In Nik Ripken’s book, The Insanity of Obedience, we see that none of these responses seemingly are biblical.  Give a listen and/or feel free to download.

Free Download 

Enjoy a free download of my cover of Keith Green's classic, Pledge My Head To Heaven from Endless Fields.  Enjoy and be challenged as it challenges me!  Just click on FREE to the right of the song title.

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Unqualified, (get it HERE) the single from, Ahead, has gained new life with a sparkling remix by "go to" engineer Sean Moffitt, whose credits include mixes for Chris Tomlin ("Burning Lights"), Natalie Grant ("Hurricane"), Mandisa (Grammy-winning song "Overcomer"), and Steven Curtis Chapman ("The Glorious Unfolding").

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Ahead, LaHaie's long-anticipated follow-up to his 2008 debut CD, Endless Fields, continues to expand the singer/songwriter's foray into the realm of guitar-driven, radio-friendly roots rock in the vein of Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, Bebo Norman and Matt Maher. The new project was helmed by Grammy-winning engineer and producer Andy Hunt (Jaci Velasquez, Olivia Newton-John, Andrew Peterson, Buddy Guy), who encouraged LaHaie to explore new sounds and textures that embellished his bold, Americana style.

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