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Collision with Grace 

I don't know if I've ever shared my faith story with you.  It has shaped everything I am and everything I do. 

There is no other reason I'm at where I'm at right now, and doing what I'm doing right now, than the reality of my collision with grace.  And I'm sure you can say the same.

If you have six and a half minutes to spare feel free to listen and feel free to share it with especially those you know who have yet to believe in Jesus.

And if you want, I'd love to hear about your collision.

The Insanity of Obedience 

As you may know the cost of taking the gospel to the most difficult places in the world is VERY high. Many believers around the world are facing the worst kind of opposition for their faith. Many are losing their lives.

When you and I hear about our persecuted brothers and sisters we tend to have five typical responses:  We pray the persecution will stop, we pray that the persecuted will be rescued, we desire that the persecutors be punished, we believe that democracy and civil rights are the answer and finally we believe we need to send money so the persecuted will be rescued.

In Nik Ripken’s book, The Insanity of Obedience, we see that none of these responses seemingly are biblical.  Give a listen and/or feel free to download.

Free Download 

Enjoy a free download of my cover of Keith Green's classic, Pledge My Head To Heaven from Endless Fields.  Enjoy and be challenged as it challenges me!  Just click on FREE to the right of the song title.

Mission 2025 

I think you may want to check out this 28 minute interview!

Bob Blincoe is the US Director for Frontiers, a mission agency sending workers to share Jesus love in the Muslim world.

In this interview Bob lays out the very latest strategic thinking and passion to reach the rest of the Muslim world by 2025.  Check it out!  You'll need to start the player at the bottom of the page.

If you're a radio programmer, feel free to download and use it for broadcast/internet streaming.  If you'd like to download it period, please do!

It's an amazing converstation with one the of top mission thinkers of our day. 

The New Single: Unqualified 

The reality is that we are all unqualified and God has taken the gargantuan step to qualify us through the death of His own Son. If God can forgive and use me, He can forgive and use anyone. He has forgiven us to be a blessing to our neighbors and to the nations!"

Start site player at the bottom of the page.

Perry on Haven Today 

The Lord gave me the awesome opportunity to share the music God's given me and the message of reaching Muslims through Frontiers on Haven Today with broadcaster Charles Morris early in July.

To listen to the interview just click the start button at the bottom of the page.

Haven Today, with approximately half a million daily listeners, airs on more than 600 stations throughout North America and Canada, including Moody Radio affiliates. To locate a station visit

The Unengaged 

I don't know if you now this but two thousand years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, there are 3000 people groups that are still waiting for their FIRST Christian worker. This shouldn't be!

These people groups are called The Unengaged. There's no one among them sharing the good news.

Check out my interview (at the site player below) with Mike Latsko, a Frontiers mission speaker who works with churches, mission agencies and followers of Jesus like you and me to help us eliminate the word Unengaged from mission vocabulary in our generation. Through his power, it can be done!

It's A Great Big World ! 

Your Own Backyard
Jeff Pardo, Andy Hunt, Perry LaHaie

Maybe there’s more than your own backyard
Maybe there’s more than your neighborhood
Every single heart needs a Savior’s love
But you won’t see them you don’t look

There’s a world that’s reaching out for hope
There is grace and mercy you can show
So lift your eyes and open up your arms
There’s a world bigger than your own backyard

Maybe your feet need to leave your town
Walk on some other nation’s ground
There’s so much good two hands can do
When it’s love that’s leading you

There’s a world that’s reaching out for hope…

Give us compassion
More and more
Break our hearts Lord
For what breaks yours

There’s a world that’s reaching out for hope…

Dreams and Visions ! 

You may know that Jesus is showing up in supernatural ways in the Muslim world to draw Muslims to himself.

In Tom Doyle's new book "Dreams and Visions--Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World," Tom shares 20 plus stories of Muslims who were brought to Jesus through a dream or a vision.

And just last week I interviewed Tom on my radio show on Moody Radio West Michigan about this amazing new book.

Feel free to download it and share it. And if you are a radio programmer, feel free to use it for broadcast.

Iran Awakening 

I don't know if you know this but there is an amazing spiritual awakening going on inside Iran.  Since 2000 there are ten of thousands of new Muslim background believers in Jesus! 

I've been following this story for the past 5 years and now for the first time I have been able to talk with someone who's been inside Iran and is an eyewitness to this amazing awakening, Patrick Klein, Founder and Director of Vision Beyond Borders.  Enjoy hearing what God's doing!

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My passion is all about following Jesus and making him known among the nations.  So here, you'll hear the music God's given me and interviews that share that passion for Jesus and the nations.  (Start the site player at the bottom of the page). 

You'll also hear God's passion for the nations through my radio feature/podcast Cast Yourself In, amazing storeis of God working in the Muslim world!  Click HERE to listen.  I work with Frontiers whose heart is to invite Muslims to follow Jesus.  HERE to check out Frontiers. 

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The New Record

The new record is out!  AHEAD. Hear some CLIPS and  ORDER IT NOW.

11 songs that pulse with the amazing grace of Jesus and his heart to bless all nations. 

Ahead, LaHaie's long-anticipated follow-up to his 2008 debut CD, Endless Fields, continues to expand the singer/songwriter's foray into the realm of guitar-driven, radio-friendly roots rock in the vein of Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, Bebo Norman and Matt Maher. The new project was helmed by Grammy-winning engineer and producer Andy Hunt (Jaci Velasquez, Olivia Newton-John, Andrew Peterson, Buddy Guy), who encouraged LaHaie to explore new sounds and textures that embellished his bold, Americana style.

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On the road

Frontiers Connect

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Perry will be leading worship at Frontiers Connect. Maybe you've thought of taking the good news to the Muslim World. See what you could do for the sake of the Kingdom among Muslims. For more info and to register, go to


Lord of the Harvest

cast yourself in!

Check out Cast Yourself In HERE, the one-minute radio feature/podcast. So far we're over 300 radio stations nation-wide!  CYI features the amazing stories of how God is working in the Muslim world.

In the media, fear seems to be winning the day. But I've created this spot to give a shout out that "God is on the move!!!"

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You Don't Need Me